About TF Trader

TFT is an abbreviation of Tenka Fubu Trader. “Tenka Fubu” is a famous policy created by Oda Nobunaga that unified Japan through military might.
What kind of a person was Nobunaga Oda?
Nobunaga Oda is a famous warlord who came to power during the Warring States Period of Japanese history.

TF Trader

About TFTrader
TF trader is not only superior in technical analysis, but is also loaded with Mile, Follow, Badge, and Aura functionality, and is designed to appear more charming to users.
Users can utilize gamification functionality to better enjoy trades.
Extra Miles for your Loyalty
Each trade yields “Miles.” Consecutive wins will provide a greater amount of Miles. Miles can be exchanged for certain products offered by various companies.
What is Follow Functionality?
Following allows users to mimic other users’ trades. If User A wishes to mimic User B, then User A will have to pay User B a set amount of Miles. Copy trading could be set by starting with follow function.
What is Badge Functionality?
Badges allow limit order and stop order to be applied to trades with a simple click and drag, allowing for smooth trading without any sort of input. Follow trade conditions are also displayed using Badges.We can learn the trading situation by Color-badge.
What is Aura Functionality?
Aura is displayed at the top of the chart at certain times through technical analysis.
Aura supports trades.
Chart graphics are designed specifically to be easy-to-read by users.
This clear display style helps users trade better.