About Miles

Q:What are consective win miles for?

A:After winning consecutively, extra miles can be paid out.
The mile payout ratio begins as normal when you open a position, the bonus can be added by the time the transaction is closed.

Q:I won consecutively, but my Miles weren’t doubled.

A: When in a cross-trade or multiple position, consecutive wins will not be counted.

Following Function

Q:How are Miles paid out when following?

A: After following, Miles are paid out after the weekend NYclose, but not in proportion to the transaction numbers of people followed.

Q:What are recommended users?

A:This displays users who took positions in similar entry areas to you. You can follow them by inputting their IDs (account numbers).

Q:I don’t want to use the follow function.

A:It is possible to turn off the following function.
you don’t want anyone to follow you, you can refuse follows, so you don’t need to worry.

Badge Function

Q:What are badges used for?

A:Badges have 3 uses.

1、When an order is placed, a badge will appear on the screen that allows you to check your order status at any time.
All you need to do is drag it with the mouse.

2、One will appear on the top of the screen after a follow is made.
For example, when A follows B, B’s EUR/USD position will appear on A’s EUR/USD chart.

3、They also allow you to check MAM position in greater detail.

Aura Function

Q:When do auras appear?

A:Golden Crosses appear when the short-term line passes over the long-term line. We use the simple moving average, and Bollingers appear when too much is bought or sold.

Q:How believable are auras?

A:The parameter settings are basically general, and are only supposed to be a side help. They move around quite a bit, so it’s up to the trader to decide how much they want to rely on them.

Q:Can you get rid of the aura function?

A:Not currently. It’s our goal to have everyone enjoy making exchanges in a one-of-a-kind, special way.

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