TF Trader8.0

Broker function of TFTrader is composed of two parts which are Brokers(who are operating dealing desk) and White labels(who are dealing with user transactions). Many brokers also have an authority to operate White Label and provide customer support services.

Spread Configurations
Spread for traders could be easily set by accessing from GUI(Graphical User Interface). Whitelabel bonus can be checked in real time.
Account Group
Account management for Introducing Broker can be set multiply by account group unit. Trader rate,IB bonus rate and Mileage rate can be managed by account group unit and each currency pair.
Risk Management
By setting execution rules,brokers and traders can obtain an advantage rate. It could guarantees the benefit to both sides.
Customized and Flexible systems
Our system is developed in-house,so we can rapidly customize system according to client’s special needs or ideas. This is our advantage compared with other companies. Continuing to develop new and competitive functions leads us to trader’s interests.